1999 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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I'm coming on two sensors I can't tell which one is the cam positioning sensor

Have checked the fuse box and all appear good.

Goes dark. Radio don't work,windows don't work can't read speed or gas

In the mist of my quick connector/ heating core getting repaired.....he removed the hose & bent the metal part that connects the holes above the quick connector to the engine so now the hose won't go in because the piece is bent and I don't know the name of it in order to purchase it I also need a Experienced mechanic

how many ignition coils do I need to purchase?

Fuses are ok. The wiper stopped suddenly and does not operate, nor does the pump.
What could be the problem?

After replacing my key had to do several attempts before car would start security light and anti theft light comes on few times before turning on. Been 3 days now that even several attempts won't start

Had key replaced. Maybe not programmed right. Several attempts before would turn on. Auto theft warning comes on

And not running

I had a bad TCC solenoid and successfully replaced it with the help of some youtube videos and my neighbor. The bolts are back in the trans and I was wondering if anyone knew the torque specs and sequence for bolting up the side cover of the trans.