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I dont know who said you could not put a 2000 engine on a 1999 sts cause I put one on my car and it works fine
At speed of 2 and 1, it does blow out air, but does not appear to blow harder when you move it to 3 and above. It only vibrates more on the floor and starts to get loud.
I have some air flow out the small vent that exits the back of the console but it never gets warm. It doesn't appear that the front fan is running at all. Any ideas to help me would be appreciated. Thanks
Both, the Battery and alternator have been tested professionally and both have been proven "good". What are we missing? Ideas as to what we should check next would be so helpful.
I changed the trans fluid pressure switch but still have the same problem.
keeps cranking. has brand new fuel pump and brand new battery.think maybe the relay fuse to fuel pump could be bad? Do i need new cables to battery? I cleaned off all corrosion. Or is there a step by step process i sh...
What could be the cause? My father says a tune up but I don't want to pay for a tuneup if that won't fix the issue. Please help. The car shakes badly only when stopped or reversing.
I was told it has a compartment in the trunk to access it but I don't see one.
diagnos they found it needsboth tie rod ends and power steering high pressur line all together 1,070.00
oil can light comes on and information center readout says low oil pressure shut engine down yet no noise from engine indicating low oil pressure
seems to becoming more frequent take key out and turn back on if gauges light back up car usually starts may have to repeat several times to start car but not always no check engine light on
Wen it cranks some times it turns off and makes pop on the ingean on the passenger side.