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What type of coolant do i use, what are the steps to follow in doing the flushing myself
The ac and heater work at the same time in my car how do i fix it?
does my cadilliac seville sts come with stock cruise control if so... how do i use it?
I have a 1999 cadillac seville sts my pump doesn't kick in and I would like too know where the pump is and where the connection is and where the fuse is
Where is the radiator fan relay switch located in my 1998 Cadillac STS?
All is well when the car is running.Once it is parked,overnight, the battery goes dead. Where do I start to look for the problen?
stalls at stop sign starts right up runns great just stalls when stopped. samoroy@cox.net
i have a leak on the inside of my car on the passenger side. i have been tolde it is the heater core. Do you have a step by step procedure of how to replace a heater core. Dealer ship to high, they book shows it to ...
never thought that i would need to worrie about a cadiilac for a while, its allready useing oil and its crazy how there are over 200 people with this problem and there isent a recall? i dont care how old the car is wh...
I have had the system checked by a mech. battery checked ok and he could not find a short in the system
need to locate the crankshaft position sensors
the serv. eng. soon light came on and the digital speedometer will not show up/ car wont shift through gears. Had the solonoid a and b changed in the transaxle and the vehicle speed sensor. None has worked. any sugges...