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ac blows cold air at foot level and rear seat area but not from front dash vents
It runs great but after when I turn it off it doesn't turn back on until the temperature goes down.
I was advised that repair cost for cruise control replacement was about 800.00. Could this be a realistic estimate?
the original started leaking, ordered a new one, had it replaced,car ran for about 2 to 2-1/2 months before blowing line again, bought a 2nd new line had it put on 1 day started leaking again,
my driver side heater works great but the passenger side doesnt send out hot air,are there 2 seperate heaters? or could it be some other reason?
it runs great otherwise but i did have it serviced recently and i was told i had random misfire and the mechanic seemed to think i should try replacing the sparkplugs which i plan on doing soon ,could that be the prob...
just replaced alt. now wont start. removed faceplate on stereo
I am experiencing somewhat sluggish acceleration. Not bad, but noticeable. The engine sounds louder at idle, no rough idle (that I can tell), but louder. The codes I get are P0135 (most common), P1133, P0155, and...