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The dealer is unable to locate electrical schematics.
I have a 97 cadillac seville sts that will not start.. let me first say what I did .. 2 years ago I had to replace the alt and battery.. which I did about 4 months later (I had company vehicle so I didn't need it). th...
My Grandson just purchased this vehicle and the only way he can turn off the headlights is by pulling the fuse.
New plugs, wires & added Lucas gas treatment/injector cleaner/octane booster. Checked Air filter/OK. I've ran out of possible remedies !!! HELP ! Philip paspinks42@hotmail.com
My car leaks out antifreesed on the driver sign under the botton of the car
Because the car will not start, I'm getting a read out saying "there is a security system problem ; therefore, the car will no longer start." However the radio, dash board, head and tail lights are working correctly.
How much would the pump and labor run me all together
itlocks up and wont start at any time and never know for how long
dont ever know if and when it wont start again or how long it will work this time hours days weeks?
Hello I have a 97 Cadillac Seville that I am trying to get going again. The on board error codes P0300,0108,0603,1599. My code reader picks up P0301. She has to be hit with starting fluid to start cold, hard to star...
How to disable theft-deterrent system 1997 Cadillac Seville STS