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I removed my starter but my neighbor tells me when replacing a starter I need new municipal intake gasket can't I just use my old one
How can I get the ABS light to go out. I have checked the sensors on the front hubs and they appear ok.
car wont start after 10 minute sitting after drive it just cranks
will start if u start immediately after turning of but after about 10 minutes just turns ...if u turn for a while it will start? any ideas? will start cold everytime
I've changed the coils and replaced the ignition module and it runs extremely rough at stops
car was in accident air bags deployed fuel pump fuse good relay good no power to fuse terminal all other terminals good
Tha car craped out last night,aaa took it home, she told me it ran ruff then died at a stop light. this morning it started ran in drivway like crap. i am thinking fuel pump, its old? the filter is about 3 years old. m...
The motor when out on the windshield wipers and the shop told me the transmission for the windshield wipers needed to be replaced also. I thought cars only had a transmission and that was in the engine. They told me t...
bougth caddy used has 56 k. previously owned by a single lady so right rear window motor should not be overworked.it should be the last to go
pcm data list shows operating parameters. can anyone help me to find a list that shows where these figures should be operating at
I posted march 29 but should have waited.here's more info.the car"1995 seville" idels good. when cold there is a slite miss when driving,"while accelerating & crusing".gets worse after a few miles.not a steady miss.al...
rpm surges while driving worse at lower speeds. not as much when cold but gets worse when running teperature. Please email bigboyj1@verizon.com