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car set for two years without battery.
tambien se quedan encendidas las luces de las ceraduras de las puertas
Car ran great when parked. Stored outside for a couple of years (canada, so gets cold winters) Charged up battery....car turns over but will not fire up. Took out backseat.... Was trying to find a way in to the fue...
Battery holds charge, but when I fire up voltage reading is 13.7, slowly starts dropping after a couple minutes. Alternator has been replaced twice and so has the battery. Both relatively new. Cannot find replacement ...
I have a 1993 seville sts, I have been trying to find out why its missing and running rough. when its cold and not warmed up its fine, but then starts to act up more and more. I have no engine lights on and cants find...
checked horns with power and they are good but will not beep from stearing wheel what to do now
Tach red-lines @ 6,500+, what is the deal with these Northstar engines? Are they reliable?
No code came up. I just dont have any airflow coming out of vents.
I have checked the breakers under the hood. ALL of the fuses, maxi fuses.... STill nothing. Any ideas? Im baffled!
i do not have a tool to check the code for this problem
have applied & released the emergency brake, problem still happening.
my belt keeps breaking and when i check all the pulleys they seem to be fine what could be the cause of that
when im driving the car the interior lights go off but when i turn the car off the interior lights wont shut off at all