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I have spark and have fuel but am still just cranking and not starting. I shot some starting fluid in and still a no start. I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump was done a year ago. I can hear the pump kick on...
I have replaced battery and alternator and plugs/wires in the last year
My problem was a empty resevoir of Power Steering fluid
I have to stomp on the accellerator very hard to get it to release. I thought a broken engine mount might be the problem but isn't.
I tried to push brake and release shift but it will nit release from park.
how to tell if your fuel pump is bad.and where is the fuel pump.
Had a new transmission installed in my Cadillac. When I got it back the cruise control no longer worked. They said it needs a new switch and the cost of the part was $190.00, plus the cost of installation. I told t...
ok ty for being here, we desided to replace the front struts ourselves and the sway bar link, k. the tow-in is now fairly bad. The car is driven 120 miles each day (Mon,-Fri.) is there a adjustment we can make that wi...
battery good- current goes to maxifuses to alt but no lights, doors, radio, dash board ... nothing. Most cars have a fuse from battery to the rest of car. where is this fuse here.
Well i use to drive my caidllac untill it start cutting off on me it use to take about a good 40 mins before the car would just shut dwn, and it will start right back up now it shuts downs after like 10 mins of idle a...
what it is when leaking oil from timing cover gasket
My blower fan is not working. Where is the air control module located at for a 1992 Seville STS? Thanks. I have tested the fan and it does work.
My car won't start do to security.What should I do?
car will not start do to vts alarm