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what it is when leaking oil from timing cover gasket
My blower fan is not working. Where is the air control module located at for a 1992 Seville STS? Thanks. I have tested the fan and it does work.
my car dosen't level in the rear i had new struts installed & it still doesn't work the air pump comes on so what should I check next?
My car won't start do to security.What should I do?
car will not start do to vts alarm
Im having issuues with my trans not going into 3rd or overdrive.When i get my rpm's up and let off it feels like its downshifting. Whats that?
Only one half of my LED brake light (the long led strip on the trunk) works. How do I fix this?
my low beam head lights don't work but the highbeam lights do. Also my tail lights do work but the don't light up brighter when I press the brake. How do I fix this?
any idea of why it would just die out but it will start right back up.And you wouldnt know how much it would be worth..
hello,my windows dont roll down do you's got any idea why?and it keeps making a poppin noise from the muffler any way i could fix it at home?