I can flash high beams when I pull back on turn signal, but won't remain on when I push it.

code say speed sensor low voltage

car info was entered.The car is a 2004 Seville SLS.

How do I repair this problem

There is water leaking into the passanger side floor. It appears to be flowing from the Blower Motor ane Duct work under the dash. It really sloches out with a right turn.

I just bought this Seville SLS. Fine car, no doubt. Washer fluid pump doesn't pump. Could intake port be clogged, or is it a relay/pump issue?

I was driving on the highway with the cruise set and it kicked out of cruise and my speedo was jumping around. I friend of mine said it is the speed sensor is he right?and where is this located at need help

po171-po174-po300-po410-po741 & check engine light does not work.I bought another PCM.

I replace both high speed relays, and it still kicks the code, amI missing something, can the wrong relay for low speed affect this at all?

Will this casue me to have a small oil leakage? I have a small oil leakage coming from somewhere?

P0171 Misfire/ 2nd Air Sys
P0174 Fuel Sys/ AC Sys
Po300 Compoenet/ 02 Sensor