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dashboard not working?
The car has no hot air at all I have codes bo419 and bo423 which actuator is this and where is it located thanks
I can hear some relays under the back seat and also there is a weird whining noise under the hood. It even does it when the car is switch to off.
Professor G, Thanks again with your help with map sensor! Replaced fuel filter also as suggested, runs perfect; but still have to re prime the pump 2 or 3 times before it starts. Only code showing now is the Emissi...
2003 STS with 4.3 Northstar, is this model equipped with a onboard diagnostic link? If so, how do you access onboard diagnostics?
C.D. mag. player is dead, won't play, or eject mag.!!
it will not go into gear at that shifter. or how much to replace with remanufactured trans.
comes on every couple minutes,,,don't feel any difference in steering
It runs great unless it has to sit and idle, then it skips but never stalls out.