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cars runs good but light and code keeps coming on no slipping in transmission everyone says dont worry but hate the light on any suggestion
Work and stop and work again
door buttons, controls , don't work when car is cold?
When in cold temperatures the door buttons don,t work till car heats up.
Transmision whent clunk and speedometer stoped working.
how much is just the head?
where is fuel level sensor located on a 2000 cadilac seville sls
passenger door stuck in lock even if you pull up the lock buton
Car has 90k miles. Plugs are 2 years old. What should be checked. Doesn't have the acceleration it should.
When starting my engine the service suspension warning comes on. I changed shocks over to the passive kind with no electrical conections. What can I do to shut off this warning? Thanks, Luke
How do I find the thermostat on my 2000 seville and replace it.
Where is the location of the waterpump on this engine?Its not my radiator,its brand new along with the hoses and thermostat which I replaced myself along with using the right coolant also.There's no leaks coming from ...
my fuel gauge reads either empty or full at all time. how do i repair this problem
i took the car to pepboys to check engine light and oil leakage under cariage they said its leakeing b/c of the intake gasket its rubber gasket the guy show it to me its the size of burger and 1.5 to 2 inchs does that...