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My OEM blower motor went out on my 99 sts. It just kept getting slower and louder. So I had it replaced with an aftermarket part purchased at Amazon. That blower worked fine for about a week and went kaput. I coul...
I can usually turn them on for about 15 minutes and then they kick off and won't turn on again. And my trac on/off button doesn't do anything to help, or anything at all really.
It won't go in to gear i changed the brake switch it still won't go into gear please tell me what's the problem
whenever i drive my car long enought it stalls espically coming off the expressway it starts right back up and sometimes dies immidately erased codes and the only one that came back was p1599 have any ideal what the p...
I have a 99 cadillac seville that has been having some serious issues. I recently had a new/used engine dropped in the car, a majority of the parts from the old engine were put on the current motor. I had severe misfi...
Put a brand new alternator in and the car still does not start. I'm wondering what the real problem is that is not allowing my car to start. Please if you have any answers for me. I would appreciate any suggestions th...
what controls all of the windows and gauges in my cadillac
car drifts left and right at high speeds
what type of brake pads are best for this type of car? Also what does it mean when the censor keeps saying check stability system?
how do I remove latch end of seatblet, driver side ferreirahom@aol.com
A/C compressor cycles on amd off amd blows cold air air even when temp is set at 90 on both driver and passenger sides