1998 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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ziptie im in australia u requested post code ? do you mean my residental address code. cadies here are rare , having problem finding mechanic able to scan system thanks for your reply . tony
is this likely to just be in the fuse relay system at the rear or front .
If I need to remove the climate control system, how is this done?
I check the blower motor I cleaned out the vent with leaves under the hood the car is still blowing out cold air the
these are the two codes that came up on the ckeck engine ligh test
where is the transmission control module located at
the right code is 1258
step by step heater core replacement please.
I have been told the Air Suspension Pump and rear shocks need to be replaced for about $2800. My car has about 77000 miles. Do you think it is worth repairing? I really like this car but hesitate to spend this much ...
my cadillac seville sls is hesitates when i accelerate actually more of a studder.. what can be the cause of this? i think its the sparkplugs and wires because it was sitting for about a year. do you have any suggesti...
There is no ac coming through the dash vents. It comes through the bottom and defroster vents. No codes showing. Is it possible it could be above the glove box. Can't get the glove box out, is there a valve there. ...
I changed the maxifuse and now my blinkers or speedometer wont work along with any of my dashboard buttons...Did I do something wrong?
I was getting the service stability system warning - got the car fixed and the warning is still coming on. Any idea what needs to be done.
what is the problem when my radio and powered windows doesn't work when the car is on, but when its cut off everything works:radio and powered windows.