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when I started a day later with the ac service light on the anti brake and traction control also came on
I have had the battery checked and fully charged and it clicks when trying to start
c1255 reads ECBM internal malfunction traction control sensor. where is the sensor?
Cold air blowing from the driver side and back hot from passenger side. Also switches from vent to defrost randomly
Key onEngine Off / Cranking Bulb. Pass. Key on Running bulb. Check Fail
PO 101/PO131/ PO137/PO151/PO171/PO174/PO302/741/P1258 they should have never test this car with Service engine light on and inadequate voltage due to lost of alternator Could really use your input
It doesn't flash when I have the brakes on. Also, my check engine light has been on permantally since I bought the car Dec. 2012.
I too am have the same issue. And my question is...is it the fuel filter or something that has to do with the fuel pump? Please keep in mind that my car starts and run fine. But there are times when it seems that its ...
instructions for replacing water pump on 97 seville sls