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Car has been over heating...replaced water pump and hoses, also did a flush. Everything was fine for a month or so, then had metal hoses replace...car ran fine again after a long distance trip. Now, car is back to ove...
4.6 liter northstar engîne
when I started a day later with the ac service light on the anti brake and traction control also came on
I have had the battery checked and fully charged and it clicks when trying to start
After checking all hoses and checked for possible leaks, then changed out the thermostat and replaced water pump, the temp gauge will still move towards red zone. What or where should I look next?
Very little rust on whole car except where rear subframe mounts attach. Car is in good shape, but don't know if it's worth the fix based on age of the car.
Cylinder came with 2 keys. These keys turn the ignition. I had a locksmith make me a key with the raise chip and this key will not turn the ignition.
The following codes have been read from the computer...P0122, P0741, P0174 and P0300 while driving, the engine acts like it is misfiring, with a little hesitation when accelerating. A tune-up was done last year with p...
Sometimes l will turn the ignition key and l get nothing at all. I move the gear shifter into park hard and it starts. Service steering system light comes on. I can be driving at 30 mph and the car will dies out the...