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small engine oil leak. 127K miles. Told it was the lower block seal needs to be replaced. Engine has to come out. Around $1600 job. I have low oil consumption have to put in 1 to 1 1/2 quarts between oil changes 3000-...
Hi Guys , I have come to this site toget an idea what the cost would be on a rebuilt transmission I guess, AnywayMy 96 Seville sls has had service engine light, trac light (on and off)and service transmission message ...
Heard a loud pop, car died and will not restart.
I have already checked for a clog, there is none, the fuse is good and I already replaced the washer pump at the bottom of the holding tank. what else do I need to check to find the problem?
car will not start want even turn over when u try to start it
i need to know what it is and how much it cost before i buy this car
computer keeps sendind all kinds of messages
the computer flashed 'check engine oil', as I have been unemployed, it had been a long time since last change (about 20k). I changed the oil & filter. The same message now comes up and oil level is not low, although a...
is this a common problem. about how much is it going to cost to fix or shall get rid of it
My 1996 cadi seville sls got an error code p1108 and all it says is BARO to MAP Sensor Comparison Too High so what do I do