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What now changed cam sensor getting fuel out of line that has a cable stem in it only sometimes when turning the key on anyone have a suggestion
my remote doesnt have the back to it, so i think thats why it isnt working. I even bought a new battery. and the alarm will go off if I dont unlock the driver side door first with the key. and now sometimes the car wo...
the manual says refer to dealership and the dealership doesn't know how to do it
My car was stolen with the keys so i removed my entire column once my car was located. I now need to replace the original. they are not the easiest to find so how many years off can i go?
Replaced fuel regulator, my mechanic said it was leaking, got car back. ran fine for a couple days, drove it a couple more days and now car is randomly dying again.. Any advice would be appreciated. Car seems to ru...
where is the location of the starter
it is not leaking from the radiator but but it is still saying that the engine is overheating....only when driving for a period of times this happens
I installed a new starter and an alternator. Had to move wiring and disconnect several items in order to remove intake manifold to change starter. Volt meter shows alternator is charging but panel shows zero battery v...
My cadilac is slowly leaking antifreeze. coolant level message comes up about once a week?
they only occur after the firlst time i start it in the day then after that it seems like it has trouble turning on then when i drive sometimes it accelerates by it self or trys to turn off
i went to diffrent areas to find out why my car wouldnt start right way and i was told the idle air control valve when i went to a shop they told me that my car didnt have one that the only thing that was similar was ...
while driving i smelled something burning inside the car.After a while the following items did not work again.