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Washer fluid tank
I have a family member that owns a body shop and suggested the next time I go (to my mechanic) for an oil change to have them flush the transmission fluid. I am currently not having any problems and have read that fl...
It could be Auto Transmission 2nd to 1st 02 2nd to 3rd etc.. I have been told the torque converter has a design flaw and it eventually leads to Tranny failure because of this problem. I already have had the tranny r...
Check tire pressure light comes out and can not but it out tire pressure ok pluss car break pad ok the remote control not responding. Khalid
The evap sensor needs to be replaced, but we can't find out where it belongs. vjwcookie@netzero.com
DVD shows blank screen even though we can hear sound. We tried new DVD's. We tried auxillary input and that makes the back screen work just fine. Tried to find any fuses, but almost positive if it was the fuse, the...