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Coincidentally (?) with change to cold weather Heat Blower quit. Have lots of heat, just no blow. Then this morning it worked, but wouldn't shut off with key. Do I need new Blower, or Control Processor or ? Any help...
I don't know how to troubleshoot but I do know how to check a fuse
My oil pressure gauge fluctuates from zero to way past 80 but sometimes reads normal. When it's high or low, it will stay there for awhile. The dealer said they checked the pressure and said it was fine but that the ...
Rear end makes a whining noise when the car is in motion. The faster the car goes the louder the noise. and the low pressure warning comes on when the car is idling
my passenger side headlight will automaticaly turn on sometimes and if it dosent i just simply turn my light switch on and off until the head light finally comes on.why is that
I already changed the gasket and I am still having some leaks. Not sure what to look for or where
when i accelerate my oil meter needle moves.. is this normal?
I have a 2005 Escalade with 86,000 on it. I brought it to the dealership to get a routine maintenance done on it (transmission flush). When I got it back, my transmission was slipping in 2nd gear and reved up to 400...
How do you use the navigation system? I'm unable to enter a destination. Doesn't this work like a Tom-Tom? Please help. I have tried several times and also have read and re-read the user manual without success.
Service ride control light keeps coming on.