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It doesn't do nothing .only anti theft light goes on.I did the 10 minute step and it went away. Car was on for like 7secounds and turned off by it self.now I can't start it anymore.
The battery is not dead try to jump start will not. it is intermittent.had it checked at a shop. altinater battery starter all ok? any suggestions?
I was driving and dash light said engine shutting down..the escalade started running really rough..loud and was shaking I went home and had it towed to shop..they said the engine is blown..this all happened in a matte...
I didn't have this problem before. All at once they stopped working
The noise isnt all the time but it is getting worse.
My car stopped on me I took the battery to auto zone they said it was bad so I got a new battery but the light on the dash says battery not charging and the battery light is on but its driving now since the new batter...
as far as taking the old off and putting the new one on
while on a battey charger, car will start if starting fluid is sprayed in the air breather, so assuming its the fuel pump, why did the battery die
It idle low all the time especially when I turn the heat or ac on
what should it cost to replace the rear differential on my 2003 Escalade?