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One year ago, I had shop change coolant, oil and trmasmission fluid and filter. Day after noticed oil on floor under oil filter. Brought it back to shop to find leak and home again. Next day noticed few drops of oil u...
just got this little gem and the brakes leak as fast as I can refill on closer inspection it has rusted the brake lines thrugh at the abs motor and the rear fuel location the leak seems to have rusted the rear sub ...
I don't think my radiator fans are picking up when the AC comp. kicks in and my car over heats. If I turn the AC off it starts to cool down almost to a normal range.
I started my car moved it about 10 ft. shut it off then went to start it about 5 mins. later and it would not start.
engine is missing (2) freeze plugs
engine is missing (2) freeze plugs
light comes on with use of any light,head lt. blinker. some fade in and out.most of the lime solid light. is there a blinker that may be bad? and where is it?
when on board diagnostic is run, IPC B2711 appears. OBDII does not show a code. read out states "theft system problem,car may not restart", however car starts and runs fine. when info reset button is depressed the re...
alarm comes on when driving or turning off engin. doors lock too
My 2000 wouldn't move at a light,then started creeping backward on a hill.
Car stalls,while driving and also stop running while park in idle for about 10 mins. Turn signals, radio,auto headlights works sometimes. Car starts up after stalling. I have replace fuel filter, Battery and tigten al...