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I know the part is only seventeen dollars and if I can do it myself why pay one hundred for labor,,, have looked for it but didn't find it, not just a dumb female that cant fix it herself, have worked in automotive sa...
When I try to close it, it attempts to close but sounds like something is holding/blocking it from moving it to the closed position. This suddenly occurred last night. This has never happened before and is rarely used...
the cadillac mechanic told me to try removing both batt cables and shorting them together should remove codes it didn't curt
Solid car, but with 142000 miles on engine, is this wise to do?
I hate this car. Having said that, I have to fix it. The seats won't move despite changing the fuse The ac is normally non functioning as is the heater, but occasionally throws a cold whisper of a breeze?!? So f...
i got an ac recharge kit and filled it up to the top and tryed to see if it would work and nothing still blowing warm air. i tryed to clear the code and still nothing. i dont know if i should just take it in to the shop.
from operating at 14.1 or so. Happens during early acceleration. Battery has been replaced
I have been leaking from the oil pan gasket.