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Tried to start, i.e., ran for a few seconds, and then shut down. Trying to retstart, engine just keeps turning over. Mechanic replace cellinoid, and cranked. Now will not crank except for yesterday. Sat in Sun all ...
2010 caddy DTS, does it seem unusual that my water pump needs to be replaced? It is currently leaking a bit, and a smell of antifreeze comes in the car....also should thermostat be replaced too? thanks
miles.i was told by dealers service tech that it was because i didn't drive the car enough......they were fine at 34000 miles and i put 10000 miles on them in 27 months. was the dealer playing with my head??????i can'...
a/c blowing hot air but has a charge tested,2000 cadillac dts. it worked last year but not too good.