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How can I unplug, or disconnect the "check he coolant level" sensor? Everything checks out OK but it still shows.
I'm from UK, Berkshire.Can I arrange to receive it in there? In one piece, of course.
in the same time , the central panel passenger side and passenger door side gives hot air. I've checked the actuator for hot air intake from the driver's side, near the accelerator pedal , and it was working but only...
Mode actuator switch needs replaced and I understand this is a expensive job.
My check engine light is still on. Also the check coolant light is on. They were on before my engine was replaced.My car runs hot if I turn a/c on. Do you think resetting the engine will help?
Last time i took car in to get O2 sensor, ac blower and motor replaced ($2k) later. They also told me that I had a leak in the Oil that was going to cost $2.8K to fix...those two repairs alone are more than half of w...
My question is do I replace the motor or resistor or both, I have found the motor but I have no ideal where the resister is, this is what it do.... - Occasionally works turns on - Slamming the right hand side pa...
Do I have two errors or has the real problem finally showed up? I get the 300 @ start up and about one min. later the 306 shows up.
I'm fairly handy but need to know if I can replace the right low beam headlight bulb myself or best to leave it to the dealer who will charge all outdoors
the throttle is sticking after warm-up (3000 rpm) or 55 mph in top gear. I lubed the exposed throttle shaft with wd-40 but no difference. I can shift to neutral at stop lights, but at 2000-3000 rpm it is quite a jolt...