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Ive done the key learn procedure to get rid of the VATS in the dash. The new key works however i still cannot take my car out and go faster than 30mph. any ideas?
The power steering works fine when driving but when slowing down to park or when sitting still at idle it is very difficult. I had the fluid flushed and am thinking the power steering pump needs to be replaced?
possible vacuum leak mean? What is ballpark cost of repairing all?
The mirror glass is so dark it can not be relied on at night.Can it be cleaned or just replaced.
I was under the impression The ABS system was supposed to eliminate this Problem. I Had no trouble lights. And this was the first time it had happened. The insurance repair bid was $4,600 For the body work. I had been...
Noise is a loud clicking sound, comes and goes. At first I thought it was a problem with CD player, then thought it might have something to do with AC blower since it comes from that area. It is lasting longer now whe...
Car has 78,000 miles on it. It ran hot one day on my daughter, had it towed in to repair shop. They replaced the water pump, belt and pulley. Drove it for 5 days, all of the sudden wouldn't start. Had it towed in ...
and apply the brakes. I experience rough idle until i start driving again.