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I was on the freeway and my dashboard went haywire I pulled over and turnd off and now it wont start back up please help me
makes a humming sound when I turn left at slow speeds
Engine shakes, running on 7 . Not 8. Codes reading po446. Po101. Do you think I need front coil ignition ?
when you accelerate big puff smoke then it clears up for a few seconds then another big puff of smoke I put a compression test all cylinders the same, sounds like it's relieving pressure, motor runs fine does not miss...
jus did oil change and new filter n changed oil sending unit.cuz he leaked oil a bit
we matched the Vin # which was a 9 to make sure the code would be right.
is their a linkage ajustment for this transmission we pull the same Ven # which is 9
Car has 113,000 miles on it. Transmission was rebuilt at approx. 57,000 miles. Need some idea as to how serious this is, possible fixes, and some idea of how expensive it will be. Thanks in advance for all informa...
I replaced right side temperature door actuator and the problem still persists--no air out of the main vents...and I still hear the clicking noise when i turn the car on sometimes and when i put the temperature contro...
The display works but the air flow is not changed when the mode is changed.