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My caddy was runnin good and out of the blue my dash went haywire I pulled over turnt the car off and it wont start back up hellllp
I recently paid to have my 2003 Cadillac DeVille diagnosed and the mechanic came back the car needing a intake Plenum Coupling and an EGR valve. I am mechanically inclined and just replaced both. The car does run bett...
Also stops route running and need a jump sometimes
problem of surging occurs when I start the car in morning. The battery not charging happened on route home after driving it 10 miles .The car was surging at stop light and almost died .TAC was going from 452-1150 repe...
I took it to a Cadillac dealer The cost Would be $125.00 and not sure they will be able to get to work and no refund. anyone know if it can be revived if so how? do not have vin# radio came out of.
rubber hose ruptured and most fluid lost replaced hose,filters, and fluid
that's it will not start turn over
I have a 2003 Cadillac Deville and it has 154K. The motor mount is broken but I don't think its the problem when it comes to this sound. It makes a annoying airplane sound when I go 30mph or faster. I don't know what ...
sounds like ball joint not sure dont no what it is