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Back windows the same door locks dont work on passenger side cant set the clock it all was good till the battery went dead
assume it is a coil bank issue...how do i know which of the two banks it is?
while taking off smoothly from a stop noticing a shutter or slight vibration while shifting from I believe third into overdrive. Only happens while taking off smoothly. If taking off slightly aggressive no issue. Aggr...
I have to use the brake to hold it back. I took it to the shop and they said there were no problems and they cleaned off dust on the throttle. A few hours later it happened again.
When I shut the traction control off on the control/info centre . The traction control light comes back on a short time later. Sometimes light is not on when I first start the car.
My air works sometimes, but not all the time. It seems to only work when it's cool outside, but when you really need the air, it don't work, but the back air always work
Every time I cut on the heat, it blows hot on the passenger side and the rear vents, but it only blow cold on driver side.