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Car ran fine until I changed fuses and curcut breakers
I don't even know where the waterpump is, thinking about changing that.
My 2000 Northstar Cadillac Deville security light is on and three brand new starters have burned out since October, 2014. It starts and then it will not start again and the security light stays on.
This happens mainly on rainy days, then the next day everything is fine. What is going on?
I have got a misfire on cly.1 and 2 ive changed colis around and put new plugs and changed the map sensor the up stream o2 sensor put a different injector on 1 and 2 and put different boots on them and they still misf...
I have taken this car to 2cadd dealers noHelp radio locked Service suspension system service AC Is there acomputer on board that may control all of these issues jayscalfri@comcast.net Daytona florida
car need that to start
Ignition switch will turn to the (D) Start position but wont start. Ignition switch will Not turn all the way back to the (A) Accessory position