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i just got the water pump and thermostat replaced, im losing a lot of coolant and have to keep refilling the radiator with coolant. my car is still overheating the temp gets up to 260 which is incredibly bad and i don...
Just bought the car and it over heated driving 50 miles home. I assume it is the northstar head gasket issue discussed here.
I constantly have to put in antifreeze, I took it to my Mechanic they replaced the thermostat. It still overheated brought it back and they tested it and said the head gasket was leaking and needed to be replaced cost...
The security light on top of the dashboard flashed. My mechanic says I need some code or type of response to get the car to start again. What is the code and process to get the car to start after changing the battery?
Soon after i put in the new radiator the car was overheating. I was able to drive it about 10 or 15 minutes before it would get hot. But i mostly used it for an in town car anyway. What could be wrong with it if it ha...
I need to service my fuel sender unit (gas gauge is not working at all). What is the easiest way to get access to this unit?
and it was just changed 2 months ago I do not do alot of driving but was a bit freaked out since there is no sign of it leaking in drive way what would cause this