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I have a 98 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar motor. It has been running hot. I changed the thermostat, and water pump but it is still running hot. My check engine light is on and these are the codes diagnostic tool r...
I am attempting to jump the car using a charger. When I connect the negative clamp to a non painted bolt on the car the horn starts honking. Will it stop after a few honks or is there another method I need to employ? ...
and when sitting still at idel it hot then the other problem is the car surges while driving and sitting still
There is no heat or air and blower motor was tested as good
I just bought the car and i want to make sure its in great driving condition.
No blower motor blowing air through vents or heater or a/c. Bought the module for 1998 Caddy, and it didn't work either. checked all fuses they were good. This is my only issue with my Caddy.
M mother's car will not hold a charge overnight. If she gets a jump the car will start. Three repair shops didn't find the problem until today they say it is body contral module.Is it worth the repair or should she ...
the window will go up and down, but when going down it makes a crunching sound, like there is something in the wasy. Would like to have a look at the window regulator.