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How to reset red control on dash
Car will move in drive but won't in reverse or move in neautrsl
and it will not start. How can we get it started ? We have unhooked the battery and that didn't work.
I noticed this after recharging and replacing battery. Would discharge after sitting overnight..
I have the obdI code reader, but, don't know where to see the code! Where will the code show up?
the blower is functioning but not enough air comes from the vents.
It stalls out in town after sitting at a couple lights. And even on the highway if there's a traffic jam. Any time it does stopping and going it will stall out after a few minutes and I have to Waite at least an hour ...
I don't intend to pay thousands of dollars to repair a car this old , o stopping the leak at a reasonable cost is all that works for me
fine. Now no cold air. compressor and blower on but no cold air. Notice it is making a squealing noise when I turn it on. Is there a belt that runs the system.
I am trying to refill the AC unit on my 1994 Cadillac Deville, need to know where the port for loading the 12A Cans is located, I can only see one port on the condenser, is that it.