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I just had my transmission rebuilt, it is front wheel drive. I was looking on computer and found that on front of motor by starter is a I think BCM ground could that need a cleaning or make sure its tight be an issue....
Recently took it Caddy in to get new water pump, fuel pump and gas tank. When I got it back, the door locks, rear defroster, power seats and trunk pull down didn't work. Only checked and replaced fuses. Still no luck....
One shop said rear window has to come out. WHAT?
air ride has vac, leak, will it affect other systems?
Towed home. Checked oil. None. Battery new but dead.Do i just put oil in and jump it?I
where is the climate control module located on a 1993 Cadillac deville
The fuel data center and the electronic climate control went out on my 93 Cadillac.