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Most of the time when the cars on the dash lights will start to flicker on and off and due to the the heater and ac will flicker on and off I would like to find out why and fix it cause it's not to fun driving when it...
Do I need to take just the glove box out or the entire dash? Is it time to get a manual or can I find sufficient How-tos online?
Sometimes i start car, starts ok next time totally dead dont even turn over is the air compressor compresset draining battery? Can this b removed or unhooked
When I turn car off u can still hear the air ride compressor still running then brand new battery dead???
Heater does not blow warm air
where is crankshaft position sensor in a 1991 cadillac deville
Why does my 91 deville with a 4.9 liter idle ruff feels like it is going to die I replaced isc motor and measured where the screw sits on the throttle arm. But it still doesnt idle smooth. Is this something that will ...
my power steering went out but works when its moving
A freind ask me to put his rear drum brakes back together. Someone else took them apart.
i flushed the radiator and also added freon to theac system
I have a 91 cadillac sedan deville with just 60,000 miles on it....recently had the battery changed, engine tune up and oil change done by a backyard mechanic...Car started misfiring, stalling and losing power...even ...