I thought mabye gas gage was wrong. Was told my transmission was locked on sport. Is there a way to unlock it

Clicking gets faster as RPMs go up. Have 2009 Cadillac CTS AWD. Oil was just changed 2 weeks ago. Started clicking about a week ago, doesn't stop. It is under the hood.

Car heated up & engine light came on & message engine power reduced

I am being charged for water getting into my right headlights. Am I responsible for a man factors mistake? If I buy this part can I get it installed? Being a senior citizen I can't afford this.

Happened after I fueled up.felt rough

left and right side engine mounts 2009 cadillac cts

my temp and odometer r reading wrong

My car was hit on the right front side

2009 cts,,,,Engine light stays on,car will not crank,headlights are bright,,everything checks out AOK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,FIX by,,,removing ground cable bolt on top of passenger fender under the plastic cosmetic cover,,then ,FILE out hole and put new self locking bolt in,,,,,and problem is solved,,((Love GM)),,,,,,,,,

I was driving down the road and the screen on the dash said, All wheel drive turned off".