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how do I get a stuck key out of the ignition. The electrical system works but can not turn the key or get it out.
And the car drop down and slow up until I come off the gas and clear message.it does it every day when I hit a bump or I don't hit a bump,what cause it to do that?
It just occurred this morning. It alsmost sounds like something is loose so I'm thinking something has broken. so I could be looking at a new window motor. Would like to know that cost as well. Thanks!
We were trying to change the timing chains on our 2004 Cadillac cts 3.6L V6. As we were pulling it apart we didn't have all the markings done. Then we pull one tensioner not knowing that it would move the whole main s...
No smoke exhaust pipe is dry thermostat seems to be air locked grey coolant boiling outta the overflow ... Head gasket or egr or transcooler ?
Just wanted to know if anybody has had this problem fixed? I seen its a pretty popular problem. I had the u-joints checked. Just wanted to know if I should change transmission, fluids,rear end etc?
water leaking to the inside.