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I want to do the required maintenance... timing belt and such, but can't find a dealer that will do the work !!!! One dealer told me why fix what's not broken !!! if they start working on the engine they may run into...
What is the problem with this 99 catera when it has no power andruns very badly and has raw gas coming out the tailpipe?
Everything should have power for 10 mins, but don't. Why is this?
When I fill up with gas the nozzle keeps shutting off. I have been doing a lot of reading iand it appears that it is the Canister Purge valve, but I don't know where it is. Is this something that I have to get a mecha...
we can't find out where to put it in.
I recently took my car to a mechanic to get my rear brakes and rotors changed, he got the old brakes, rotors, and parking shoes off, but is now unable to put them back on and says that he may require a special tool. ...
Suspect leaking engine oil cooler. Want to bypass cooler under intake manifold. Need info on fittings to purchase to install on side of block. What thread type or mfg. part number. Is there a kit avialible?
it have happen 2 time an i had the car 2year an my email is shauntric6@aol.com