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where is the winshield washer fluid jug located on a 1999 cadillac catera?
I recently took my car to a mechanic to get my rear brakes and rotors changed, he got the old brakes, rotors, and parking shoes off, but is now unable to put them back on and says that he may require a special tool. ...
how to change water pump
When I'm on the freeway or driving over like maybe 45-50 mph the whole car starts shaking and jerking and the tires sound like there studdering. This only happens sometimes and sometimes it drives perfect but it's sta...
Suspect leaking engine oil cooler. Want to bypass cooler under intake manifold. Need info on fittings to purchase to install on side of block. What thread type or mfg. part number. Is there a kit avialible?
could you please tell me if the catera has a transmission stick if so then where?
it have happen 2 time an i had the car 2year an my email is shauntric6@aol.com
99 cadillac catera overheated and water that come out of resevoir left an oily residue. Blown head gasket?
I have replaced fuel cap, tank pressure sensor, checked all connections. Worked for a few days and the light comes back on Car loses power when this happens
Temperature gauge needle on 3rd thick white line in summer months, oil pressure drops to just above red line when at idle, sometimes activating low pressure warning when I get an idle underswing. In winter months the ...
i had the car towed yesterday night and the next morning at the shop the car started before the mechanic even looked at it. so i took the car and drove it all day. it was fine starting. until last night it did the sam...
Under the hood, just on top of the rightside headlight there is a black hose that connects from a small motor like from the bottom. My hose is broken. Need help where this hose connects.
Just under the two big vacuum hoses that are clamped on the front side of the engine, there is a small male-metal vacuum tubing. I am not sure which hose was supposed to go on there because its missing.
Driver door fails to open inside and outside.
I am thinking about purchasing this type of car. the owner says it missing a "pin" to keep the water and oil from mixing. Of course i am going to get it checked out before I buy it but is it an expensive thing to fix?