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The owners manual says that there is a fuse and relay box on the passenger's size below the instrument panel. I don't know where this is
my heat is not blowing out, all the fuses are good; is it the blower motor, if so, where can i find it and is it easily fixable?
levelling light is on and destinct clunk in the front
does the LCD brake light strip have anything to do with the brake lights not working if one of the bulbs in it are burnt out
no matter what i have no brake lights with lights on or off they dont work . i changed the bulbs already and still nothing . i have tried looking for the fuses but i cant find them . where are they located in this car...
every time i drive my car my coolant leaks out. The yellow coolant box appears in my dash but my engine temperature never gets in the red. I have to replace the coolant every day. Does anyone have any suggestions on w...
Just trying see where is the alternator located at to replace it and the right front axle
My heater wont come on,radio or digital things on my dash. Could this be a fuse, if so where is the fuse box.
no power to ac no owners manuel
What needs to be replaced when your diffential has a small leak
About a month ago the leveling warning light on our 1997 Catera would begin blinking after driving continuously for approximately 30 miles on a highway. If we stopped and restarted the vehicle, the light would go off...
Is there a feul cut off switch on the 97? If so where is it located?
What is the estimated price tp replace igniton switch on a 97 cadillac catera
Where is the fuse that operates the brake lights
need a location of the raditor fan relay ive looked at the relays under the hood but they are not marked