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But when i try to turn key to start, it has no resistance and will not start. How can i hot wire it to start?
just i want to replace the break flued
i just changed the spark plugs n it started doing this
I am wondering if the hose or hoses which are connected to the heater control valve (which is plastic) or any of those hoses around the heater control valve wear and does not have a good connection. The needle reads c...
air condition not putting out cold air
I canot drive over 2 miles before it starts to over heats
My defroster is stuck on, I have to pull the fuse, or battery cable to stop the fan. Which relay is associated with the windshield defroster, and how do you safely remove fuses? Started when I pushed on the defroste...
the raditor has been replaced,it dose not overheat,the oil dissapers,and there is no coolant in the oil..im stumped,,and starting to get ready to sell the car.can anybody help
losing oil from top causing smoke
how much will a transmission cost?
see transmission fluid...well smell burning
I have the trans remover from the car and want to drain the torque conv
i need to remove door panel and replace passenger mirror
grinding noise starts at 40 mph when car is cold. tends to jump or car suddenly moves forward after feeling as if it stuck at 20-30mph. once the jump is complete then the grinding may not be heard until 45-50mph. the ...