cables spark when attaching last negative on 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

tried to jump 2003 galant because it would not turn over and the last negative cable sparks when trying to connect it

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Make sure the key is off on the are you are jumping turn off all electrical loads on that car (perhaps the lights or something was left on in the first place that ran down the battery. Ensure you are hooking up the jumper cables, + to + and - to -.
Let the car that runs have the engine run for a few minutes prior to trying to start the "dead" car.
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on the newer cars, it is never a good idea to jump start. the voltage spike from hooking up the cables from the other car running causes momentary high voltage that can destroy computer on your vehicle. remove the battery and have it re charged or buy a trickle charger and charge with the cables removed.
then you need to determine why the battery died.