Dodge Magnum Problem Report

Dodge Magnum Power Window Inoperative Due to Window Regulator and/or Motor

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An inoperative power window would commonly be caused by failure of the cable in the window regulator, or the window motor itself. The window regulator will need to be replaced as an assembly to correct this concern.

my passenger window isnt responding!!! -
Rear passenger window quite working replaced windo regular problem solved Under $50.00 -
Passenger window would roll down only... but not up from both the passenger and driver side switches. I replaced the lift motor and regulator but this did not correct the problem (though it did at least allow me to roll the window up when I connected the motor to the battery briefly). I ordered a driver side master switch and await its arrival currently. Hope this fixes it. -
rear window will not operate when it is warm (50+ degrees) But, all winter it operates properly -
it started doing that the year after we bought it. -
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