Power Window Not Working Due to Failed Window Regulator and/or Motoron Dodge Charger

One or more of the power windows may become inoperative, it is commonly caused by failure of the window motor or a cable in the window regulator. The window motor & regulator may need to be replaced as assembly.

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Average mileage : 71,789 (34,000–128,000)
7 Years Affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
27 people reported this problem
13 people shared problem details
2009 Dodge Charger128,000
my window was working fine and then I let it down and now it will not go back up for nothing.
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2009 Dodge Charger40,000
Front passenger window will not go down. Doesn't seem to even try. No noise or anything. Just no reaction to the window swich at the driver or passenger door.
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driver side window & passenger side windows will not go up or down, back seat windows work ok.
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2007 Dodge Charger50,000
passenger window barely works
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2010 Dodge Charger98,000
Driver window will not roll down.
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2008 Dodge Charger73,128
Driver side window would not work and passenger side window could not be controlled by the driver side controls, however the passenger side window would work with the passenger. Has not been fixed.
2011 Dodge Charger34,000
drivers side window stuck passenger will not roll down one touch.
2007 Dodge Charger86,500
The window rolls down but wont go up except when driver door is open.
2012 Dodge Charger35,000
drivers side power window doesn't move. All 3 others work normally
2010 Dodge Charger105,000
Not yet fixed
2008 Dodge Charger80,000
Driver and passenger side window won't open
2007 Dodge Charger77,000
My drivers side front window is inoperable as of right now and my passenger front window takes a very long time to roll down.
I have changed the motor in my right window.
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