Power Window Not Working Due to Failed Window Regulator and/or Motor on Chrysler 300

One or more of the power windows may become inoperative, it is commonly caused by failure of the window motor or a cable in the window regulator. The window motor & regulator may need to be replaced as assembly.

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Average mileage: 76,622 (17,700–178,000)
6 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010
32 people reported this problem
19 people shared problem details
From the driver's door, I can operate the power windows in the backseat, but cannot operate either of the front windows. I can operate the passenger's side window from the passenger's door, but cannot open the driver's window at all...
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2008 Chrysler 300106,000
My power drivers side switch rolls up n down my back windows but will not do my front windows as well as my mirrors on either side it won't work. The master switch only works on the back windows. Dnt know what the problem is
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2010 Chrysler 30086,000
The drivers power switch operates the back windows fine but will not operate either of the from windows. Thge passenger window will operate with the passsenger switch. I replaced the drivers side master switch thinking that was the problem however the NEW master switch had exactly the same characteristics i.e. open both rear windows but neither front window.
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Can't lower or raise the driver side or front passenger side window from driver side. Front Passenger can lower there side from there window panel. I can only lower or raise the back windows from drivers side.
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I can't roll my drivers window up or down and it's stuck in the down position.
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2010 Chrysler 30080,000
driver door actuater works rear windows but neither front window. passenger actuater and 2 rear acutaters work work fine.
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2005 Chrysler 30061,266
my window on the otherside did not go down or up on my side.
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2005 Chrysler 300178,000
Its been where driver side doesn't work but I can roll down the other windows
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2009 Chrysler 300102,000
Rear passenger window rolls down but not up. All others work fine
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2006 Chrysler 30050,000
back window not operating all the time, and now both are not working.
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2006 Chrysler 30084,000
Passenger side window stuck down. Could not operate from drivers side window control nor the passenger door window control. Replaced switch and regulator and still not working. How do I fix this???????
Passenger window will not roll back up
Hi there! I had this problem resolved in a beautiful way. I took off the inside of the driver's door and pulled the cord, disconnected and reconnected every contact and bent the regulator (small black unit close to the doorlock) and all of a sudden the windows operated fine again. "Magic touch" or what...? Kond regards, Kjell Samuelson Sweden
2008 Chrysler 300156,000
passenger window won't come back up and driver window is starting to fail as well..
2008 Chrysler 30066,582
All of a sudden my window would not come up on the driver side but all other windows rolled down the back windows
2007 Chrysler 30032,000
window on drivers side has begun to not want to go back up. no problem going down. have to keep pushing the button down to get the window back up
2006 Chrysler 30050,000
Left rear passenger window will not roll down. There is no noise at all when window button in pushed or pulled. All other windows work correctly. Could not find in manual about a fuse for power windows.
2009 Chrysler 30017,700
Both rear power windows became inoperative and fail to roll up.
2005 Chrysler 30062,000
Just discovered problem, just bought this car from auction direct on 5/2/13. Front driver and pass. windows work when they feel like it. also both side mirrors are supposed to drop when in reverse, only pass. side drops now. plus I cannot adjust the pass. side mirror. Dealer tells me they got a letter informing them that this was a common problem with the 300's, then wouldn't u think they should have fixed this BEFORE they re-sold this automobile? Shake my head!
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