Scion xB Problem Report

Scion xB AC Doesn't Blow Cold Enough

(8 reports)

Air conditioning that doesn't blow cold enough could indicate the need for adjusting the cable for the temperature blend door.

does not cool well at idle and low speeds. has to run for about 12 minute before cooling begins -
The blend door does not position correctly and A/C air is blowing across heater core causing warm air to blow out vents. Haven't found a solution. Here to figure out how to adjust the cable for the blend door. -
Ac not cold enough even when i refilled the ac -
2004 Scion XB air doesn't blow cool.Have a 2006 XB that blows 40 degrees out of the vents. -
My power windows are giving me problems drive side/back passenger side won't go back up. For awhile it was working but than it would sound like it needed to be charged, (an sluggish sound ). -
ALways been a problem and when I did an internet search,, shows this as a tech bulletin problem but I did not want to pay them for the whole report but am taking the number to the dealership. -
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