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2006 Saturn Ion Question: cabin dome light cycles on & off all by itself, killing the battery

Haven't had care for long, so far really like it. However, left parked for 2 weeks, & wouldn't start. We were able to figure out that the interior dome light has a gremllin. Light goes off like it should when we get out of car, but at some point the roof dome light comes on all by itself; enough to kill the battery. We can remove fuse, but that isn't going to fix the problem. Ideas? -
Answer 1
Hey Valerie, This is going to require an electrical circuit diagnosis. This can be fairly involved, especially with interior lighting, due to all the switches, relays and lights that are a part of the system. You also can have an alarm system tied into it as well, which makes it even more complicated. This may need to go to a repair shop! If you don't have one, look here: http://repairpal.com/tualatin-auto-repair -