Cabin Air Filter Change on 2009 Honda Pilot

How do I replace the cabin (air conditioner) filter on a 2009 Honda Pilot?
Where is it located?
Procedure to access for replacement?

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I looked in my information system and don't see specific instructions but on all other Hondas the glove box is opened the two clips that limit the forward opening of the glove box can be removed allowing the glove box lid to swing fully open and drop down allowing access to a removable black plastic trim flap, then the tray holding the filter is slid outward to change the filter. 15 minute job.
Great info. This was so simple no tools required took me maybe 5 minute. Just pay attention to how the old filter was placed into the compartment.
For 2009 or later Honda Pilot, it is very easier - a 5 minute job - and no tools required. The filters are around $25 from Honda (80292-SHJ-A41) but much cheaper after market. I changed mine at 19K and it was VERY dirty. I would recommend changing every year - especially if you have allergies.

Empty and Open the glovebox. Press the 2 tabs on the sides. Swing the glovebox ALL the way towards the floor so the opening behind the glovebox is fully accessible.

Inside the opening is a black tray - around 8" square. Press the 2 "tabs" on each side of tray and pull the tray out.

Put the new filter in with the arrow on the side of the filter facing DOWN towards the floor. Slide the tray back in. Close the glovebox.

For 2008 and older - you need to cut the plastic tab and take out screws.
see on video