C320 Mercedes 2001 After driving a few miles car won't start on 2001 Mercedes-Benz C320

After I drive for a few miles and let it sit for a less than a hour, the engine won't turn all the over?

Cleaned Mass airflow sensor. Mechanic says I need to replace valve cover gasket. Also was told that my need a fuel pump. Autozone gave me the following codes: P0170, P0335 and P0173

Help! I'm not who to believe...

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i have a c320 mercedes to i just replace the cam shift senor and my problem is gone
The codes are for fuel trim and a crankshaft position sensor. The no-start condition you are describing is common when the crankshaft position sensor is faulty. I would start by having it replaced. Also, just cleaning the sensor may not have fixed it. You may need to replace the mass air flow sensor to remedy the issue completely. In addition, I recommend replacing the engine air filters when you replace the mass air flow sensor to ensure proper function and that the new one stays clean.