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Byers Superstore
August 04, 2011

We were at Byers for a total of 5 hours the day we bought my car! They were SOOO slow getting all the documents made up (they even told us we had great credit and were approved by all 3 places they tried!). I have no idea what took them so long. By the time we were done, the service place was closed, so we had to come back the next day to get some repairs done, including an alignment (which took 4 HOURS!).
I was under the impression that I had new tires on the car I bought, but less than a month after buying it, I ended up with a flat tire (because the tires on my car were CRAP!). I called them, and they, very reluctantly, told me to come in and they would replace the tire, which took an hour and a half for one tire!
Then about a month after that (I hadn't even made two car payments yet!) another tire goes flat. I took it to Discount Tire thinking I just ran over a nail or something, but they told me the tire couldn't be saved because it was junk. I told them to just replace all the tires, and they told me even the replacement one Byers gave me was the lowest grade tire you can get...Then while they are putting my new tires on, they tell me I need an alignment and that two of my rims are bent!
When I called Byers to tell them I needed an alignment, which they had supposedly just done, they told me I could bring it in and they could look at it, but the only way they are paying for it is if an alignment is really what needs to be done, and that if not, I would have to pay $70/hour for them to look at it, and then pay for whatever needs to be done. They didn't really care that they sold me a car with horrible tires on it and two bent rims.
I don't know which part of Byers I'm more disgusted with: the fact that they clearly sell cars with little or no inspection and cheap parts, or that they take FOREVER to do anything. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time or money there.

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