Buzzing / Grinding sound which gets louder with Rt. turns on 2005 Saturn Vue

My Vue is making a buzzing / grinding sound which increases with speed. It gets louder in slight right curves and turns. Is it a bearing? or CV Joint?

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This sounds like when a wheel bearing is starting to go out.
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I agree with Brett. I have had both bearings changed in my 1997 SL2. First started when I slammed on the breaks really hard to avoid a critter.
As you go around curves you may notice it getting louder or softer. If you are curving left and it gets louder then its the right bearing as the weight of the car leans right when you curve left. OR vice versa.
I let it go for a little while before fixing it, it gets REAL loud on highways over time.

It was on average a $250 fix. I've heard closer to 300 for some people.